Testimonials from the 2017 Scholarship Recipients, Sara Hunt and Taylor Whitehead.

Sara Hunt

Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship Clarissa Huegill FNCLS Adam Shoemaker Sara Hunt webI would like to thank the Far North Coast branch of the NSW Law Society profusely for my 2017 scholarship.

I have applied a couple of times and it’s great to be finally chosen! I hope to graduate in January and am very much looking forward to working within the immediate Northern Rivers region so the investment in me and my skills will definitely stay locally.

Uni study is a strain on many resources especially time and money. As a working single parent I feel these stresses on a daily basis. This scholarship has helped towards the cost of textbooks and a new laptop which would not have been possible without the extra money. I have been using a laptop on which several of the keys (including the delete key of all things!) no longer functioned for the past three years. It is fabulous to have a fully functioning keyboard again.

Thank you Far North Coast Law Society!

Sara Hunt

Taylor Whitehead

Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship Prof Geraldine Mackenzie Mark Bolster Taylor Whitehead webMy name is Taylor Whitehead and I am currently in my first year of a double degree of Law/Social Science at Southern Cross University.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Far North Coast Law Society for providing this wonderful scholarship and the SCU Scholarships Committee for selecting me for this honour.

I have embraced the transition to university studies with enthusiasm and dedication, and this scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to purchase textbooks and update technology. As a student without part-time employment at present, the Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship has been greatly beneficial for me. Southern Cross University has been an exciting and fulfilling experience as a first-year student and having gained Distinctions in my four Session One courses I look forward to the challenges of Session Two study.

My long term goal is to work in my local area and be able to provide legal support with a focus on our aged community members. As a recipient of the Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement that is implicit in this honour. I thank all members involved in creating this opportunity for SCU students now and in the future.

The Scholarship has alleviated some of the financial burden of being a law student and to all involved I say thank you. It is greatly appreciated.

Taylor Whitehead